Frequently Asked Questions - Forwarding Service

FAQs - Forwarding Service

If you want to use our forwarding service, you can know more information here.

We know that the fees other than shipping cost are a headache for you, so we offer our forwarding service.

You only need to pay the international shipping fee, no any other service fees.


 You can use the below address to fill in or

What you should fill in
收货人 / 姓名
陈捷然(your order no. at taobaotrends)
City/ district
深圳市 /龙华新区
电话 / 手机

The below is the full address to our warehouse

Full Adress: 广东省 深圳市 龙华新区 民治街道 民乐工业区写字楼2栋610室

Zipcode: 518131

Contact name: 陈建漳 (your order number at taobaotrends)

Tel. no.: 13510106901


Order Number: you can get order number when you create an order at

If you buy from or, you can just submit the items as an order at, you can mention "only use forwarding service" when you submit the order.

We will confirm the order in 24 hours and when you finish the purchase by yourself,  pls send an email to for confirmation.

We will change the order status to "ordered" when we get your confirmation.

We will take detailsed pictures and let you know the shipping fee when the items arrive at our warehouse, and we will change the order status to "received".

When you pay the international shipping fee for the order, we will send the package to the address you fill in the order.


If you submit the items as an order, you will get an order number.

If the parcel arrived at our warehouse, we will check the item and put the items to your order.

We will mark it in the order when the items arrived in our warehouse, you can login to and see it in the order.

Yes, we will check the items when they are arrived at our office, if there is any problems, we will send an email to you and help you solve the problems.

We will take detailed pictures and upload them to Baidu cloud disk and you can see them from this kind of link:

Yes, if  the seller accept the return, we can help you return the items to the seller, and you only need to pay the domestic shipping fee from our warehouse to the seller's address.



1. The international shipping fee is almost the same, some of shipping methods are more cheaper, especially for large packages, for example, the shipping fee is only about USD128 to united states for 21KGS

2. Check and inspect your items carefully.

3. Detailed pictures when we receive all the items.

4. English support, we can help you easily solve the problems than using taobao global consolidation and shipping service.

5. Shipping adice, we can ship many kinds products which Taobao Global Consolidation and Shipping can not ship.

You can login to and pay the shipping fee when you choose the shipping method you like.

You can pay the shipping fee by Credit Card directly or by Paypal.

Yes, Belgium Post, Europe line, EUFBA-F support triangle shipping service.


We appreciate if you can recommend our shopping service to your friends, if you have any suggestions, pls feel free to contact us.

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