Frequently Asked Questions - Payment and Fees

FAQs - Payment and Fees

Here you can know the payment methods and how to make payment in our site

No minimum order require, but the minimum service fee is CNY35.

If the order value including domestic shipping fee is under CNY350, we will still charge minimum service fee CNY35

Normally, the payment button will be actived when we confirm the order (order status is confirmed).


We already add the paypal fees or credit card fees to the exchange rate.


The exchange is floating, it changes from time to time. Current exchange rate is about 1CNY=0.158USD.

Our exchange rate is almost the cheapest in the market.

This is the cash balance in your taobaotrends account, you can use it to pay the order or pay the shipping fee.

You can add money to your taobaotrends account by paypal or by DHpay.

We accept the payment by paypal, Credit Card, Western Union, and by wire transfer.

1. You can pay the order by Credit Card directly.

2. If you want to pay the order by paypal, please add money to your taobaotrends account first and make payment by balance.

Yes, if you have any balance at taobaotrends account, you can send an email to request the withdraw.

No, the order value already includes the paypal fees or credit card fees, if you pay the order by western Union, we can give you additional 4% discount.

If you send the payment to us by credit card, the money  will not show up in your account at, which will go directly to our DHpay account.


We appreciate if you can recommend our shopping service to your friends, if you have any suggestions, pls feel free to contact us.

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